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The distinguished aroma of Cannabis plants arrives mainly from components called Terpenes. Over 130 Terpenes have been identified in the Cannabis plant and each strain holds its own unique terpene profile. There is more to choosing Terpenes than the fragrance that will fill up your room. These organic aromatic compounds, produced by many plants, effects our body in variance ways. In fact, many different medicinal properties are attributed to the Terpenes such as anti-inflammatory and pain reduction and anxiety relief.


Cannabinoids are unique compounds of the Cannabis plant that effect our body’s activity. Up until today researches isolated 113 different cannabinoids such as: THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBL and more. Each cannabinoid has its own unique molecular structure and therefore different effects on our bodies. The main qualities of cannabinoids are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, relieving spasm and neuropathic pain. THC and CBD form the majority of the cannabinoid compounds found in the plant. THC is the only compound that is related to the famous psychoactive effect of cannabis, mainly appearing as a euphoria along with significant medicinal effects.


The Cannabis plant can improve the quality of life of almost anyone. There is a wide spectrum of different effects of the Cannabis plant on our bodies, such as: relaxation, pain relief, nausea reduction, mood enhancement, appetite stimulation and more. The basis lies in the fact that almost every living creature on the planet has a system of receptors that absorb Cannabis compounds. This system is called the Endocannabinoid System and is spread throughout our body: the nervous system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, immune system and even our bladder.

Calculated from 0 reviews


G-13 is a strain with an origin story that absolutely no one can confirm. As legend has it, G-13 is the result of a government project where the CIA/FBI bred all of the most potent cannabis strains in the world together. The result was this strain that is known for being an extremely potent strain that is best reserved for nighttime consumption. The flower is usually dense and sticky with light green and purple leaves, wrapped up in a lasso of orange hairs.


Cannabis effects vary per consumer, but chances are if you smoke this strain you’re going to be couch-locked. It’s that heavy. Even the most advanced consumers will probably feel it dominate your body for an entire evening. Clear the night’s schedule if you’ve got this in your pipe. The most common effects are reported as relaxed, euphoric, and happy.


People have reported that G-13 smells like citrus and oranges, with earthy, sweet aromas.


Consuming G-13 brings forth the sweet and earthy flavors more than the citrus nose.


No one can prescribe you the right cannabis, you’ll have to do trial-and-error with the consultation of a proper doctor. However, many consumers report that G-13 helps with stress and insomnia. 

The downside

Dry eyes, dry mouth, and dry throat and all common side effects on cannabis consumption.

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